Buyers and Sellers

Buyer Representation
Colburn and Scott have a strong reputation for assisting Buyers in locating, purchasing and developing exclusive properties in the Valley of the Sun. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are ready to assist you in the search for a new property.
With a sales and development background, Colburn and Scott have a strong history of developing, marketing and selling properties in the Valley of the Sun.. Our development understanding reaches far beyond individual private residences, to luxury estates and prime real estate investments.
With a wide range of spectacular homes available throughout the Valley of the Sun, Colburn and Scott will put our experience and wisdom to work, locating a property to meet your needs or even locating a custom-builder for the family estate of your dreams.

Seller Representation
When the time comes to sell your home, Colburn and Scott understand the market in the Valley of the Sun.  We have the knowledge, marketing and contacts to uniquely position your home for a sale.
We will work with you to price your home for the market, and will use our unique and memorable branding to create marketing that highlights all of your homes strengths.  Colburn and Scott is well known for aggressive and effective advertising.  The consistency of our advertising ensures that our name is always in the public eye, and is associated with premium properties such as yours. The quality and boldness of our advertising ensures that it is noticed, and stands out amongst the competition. The targeted nature of our advertising makes sure that it reaches a qualified target audience.  We use open houses to gain exposure and feedback for your home in regards to market pricing, finish levels, and strengths.  All of these work to help ensure the success of our marketing efforts on our owners' behalf.
When you list your home with us, we will research comparables to your home to help ensure that you are correctly priced, we will provide guidance in preparing your home for showings, and will handle all showings in a professional manner. When contracts do begin to come, we will help streamline and coordinate the closing for an easy transaction.

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